A snippet of 9 (of 16) songs from our new album. We mixed them, then we MIXED them. Grab an advil :) Just remember, you WILL hear these songs (all 16 - SEPARATELY) soon.

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Okay…don’t get the wrong idea with all these lush vocal snippets…these new songs are still Bracket songs, with (for the most part) big guitars, big crashing drums, catchy melodies, yeah yeah yeah, etc, etc.  Having said that, here’s another snippet of a new song (unmixed, but totally done) that features no drums and only a mandolin, ukulele, and acoustic guitar.

new snippet 2 - unmixed, undone song from our new album. 

"Recorded on a Yamaha 4 track recorder Marty got when he was 17. Recorded in our practice space at Ray’s house with two Radio Shack Microphones on both ends of the room. First Bracket song ever. First Recording of it." 

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<a href=”http://bracket.bandcamp.com/album/rare-cuts-vol-2” data-mce-href=”http://bracket.bandcamp.com/album/rare-cuts-vol-2”>Rare Cuts - Vol. 2 by Bracket</a>

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Bracket presents…Rare Cuts - Vol. 2 

Another preview from our upcoming “Rare Cuts - Vol. 2” digital rarities album.  You can’t hear this anywhere else, until the release date next, June 14th.  An old demo of one of our most well-known songs.  If you pre-order before the 14th you have a chance of winning a free Bracket shirt, plus you get 3 songs instantly. http://www.bracket.bandcamp.com